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Digital Tools


24/7 Diginography gives us the real ‘outside-in’ insight

  1. More on Listening and Observing than asking pre-defined questions
  2. More of real scene, real time and real stimulus via consumers’ online conversation
  3. More time-saving, as both Qualitative & Quantitative can be conducted at the same time

24 7 Diginography gives us the real outside in insight 3


Facial Decoding

Capturing the unspoken needs with Facial Compass

INTAGE’s Facial Compass is developed from FACS theory – the study that categorizes emotions of a person by measuring the movement of facial muscles. 

Our Facial Reader program captures the 500 facial expression muscle points which accurately reflects the unconscious impression of the viewers on the creative works.

Capturing the unspoken needs with Facial Compass


My Reco

My Reco is a diary-style survey utilizing a smartphone application into which respondents record a variety of moments from daily life including purchase path, media touchpoint and interaction, service evaluation.

1. Leverages the smartphones consumers always have with them to capture moments in daily life in an ongoing manner My Reco 1

2. Real-time response monitoring and additional individual question functions make things trouble-free! My Reco 2

3. Delivers greater research customization through combination withFGIs, one-on-one interviews, and HUT research

4. My Reco excels at visual-based output. It also simplifies in-house information sharing! My Reco 3