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  • 「INTAGE Thailandフォーラム: タイでの新たなビジネスチャンスを発見する切り口とは~Challenges in the Next Normal~」

「INTAGE Thailandフォーラム: タイでの新たなビジネスチャンスを発見する切り口とは~Challenges in the Next Normal~」

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Eコマース、トラディショナルマーケットの3つをキーワードとしてNext Normalを見据えた最新のタイ現地事情を解説。


・タイ ポストコロナと回復への道のり(COVID-19後の市場動向とタイにおける高齢化社会)



・Asian Panelを活用したリサーチ&プロモーション

INTAGE Thailand Forum:
What is the way to discover new business opportunities in Thailand?
Challenges in the Next Normal

This is the material of our online forum held on October 15, 2020.
[Forum overview]
Thailand is aiming to recover the depressed domestic economy after 
achieving results in containing the spread of COVID-19 infected people.
Among the consumption trends that will be attracting more attention 
as business opportunities in Thailand in the future, we will explain 
the latest local situation in Thailand with an eye on Next Normal with 
the three keywords of aging society, e-commerce, and traditional market.
It also introduces research and promotion initiatives that utilize online panels.