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"THIS SHALL PASS" (Thailand Flood Crisis)

The current widespread flooding is said to be one of the worst natural disasters in the Thai history, covering the area of approximately one-quarter of the total country including the capital area. The water flows from the north and inundates provinces along the Chao Phraya River, the main water life line of Thailand, and parts of Bangkok.

INTAGE (Thailand) shares sincere sympathy to those victims: our compatriots, Thai and foreign companies and factories, as well as some of our office staffs whose houses are deluged with water. All of our staffs keep good spirit, although some have difficulty in finding transportation to work. About a third or 40 people including our Chief Operation Officer and Managing Director, who live in the suburbs of Bangkok, encounter high water level, 50 centimeters to 2 meters in front of their residences or on the first floor of their houses. They continue to remain at their residences and wade through flood water travelling to and from work, or have moved to live with their friends or relatives.

INTAGE (Thailand) helps the needy staffs by renting 10 apartment units in central Bangkok equipped with necessary utilities; each unit is shared by 2 persons. We will give financial assistance or help to clean and refurnish troubled residences when the water dries up.

Below are some photos of our smiling staffs and their flooded residences.


Our research fieldwork, as a consequence, has inevitably been affected, since major method of interview in Thailand is face-to-face at home of respondents. However, we put ourselves on the alert and keep assessing the situation closely for preparatory measures in order to minimize interruption and damages to our business and our clients’ business alike. The work continues if time and place allow.

See below some photos of our staffs in the field.


We are optimistic that water will much recede by December. We encourage our clients to plan and brief us your new projects, so that preparation can be made and work can start well ahead of your competitors.

We assure you that INTAGE (Thailand) is ready to help our clients through this unfortunate incidence. Please do not hesitate to call your client service/project management teams for further explanation or to update specific projects and plan new ones.

We believe opportunities are there even at the darkest time. THIS SHALL PASS.